TrainingRegister® Administration Module - Software for managing training of your employees and customers of your products and services. This is the basic or main module. Other modules enhance its capabilities.

TrainingRegister® Web Module - Intranet/Internet software used by  employees, supervisors and/or customers to access training records, training requirements, scheduled training and request enrollment. Included with the Full Featured version at no extra cost.

TrainingRegister® Import Utilities - 1) Software for importing and updating employee/student data from an HRIS,  payroll or other database. 2) Software to import class data. 3) Software to import training records such as from a computer based training package.  All three import utilities are included with the Full Featured version at no extra cost.

TrainingRegister® Annual Support Package - Provides unlimited software training and technical support for two people and worry free software updates.


Administration Module - List of Features & Benefits (Full Featured Version)

Web Module - List of Features & Benefits (Full Featured Version)


Price List - Full Featured Version

Price List - Basic Version

Feature Comparison - Full Featured Version vs. Basic Version


TrainingRegister(R) can be licensed for use with a Jet or SQL Server database.

Target Audience:

TrainingRegister® is intended for a company or organization to manage, schedule and track the training of its employees and customers of its products.

This product is not designed for sellers of training who need marketing tools and revenue tracking. This is not a contact manager tool and does not contain revenue and billing features.


The actual license is viewable when TrainingRegister is installed and upon request.  Basically, it is a "one database" license with no limit on the number of workstations, seats, users or records.  The intended use, is for you (a company and its subsidiaries) to put all your employees and customers in "one database" and manage their training.  The "one database" can be shared via LAN, Internet, and Intranet to an unlimited number of users.  TrainingRegister can also be installed for one user.

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