Web Module - Summary

TrainingRegister® Web Module - Intranet/Internet software used by  employees, supervisors and/or customers to access training records, training requirements, scheduled training and request enrollment.

This module shares a database with the Administration Module and is typically used by Employees, Supervisors, Managers and Customers to view scheduled training, request enrollment, and prepare reports.

Companies with an Intranet can use the Web Module in addition to the Administration Module.  The Administration Module is required to perform administrative functions. 

Basic employees will see there own records.  Supervisors can be give access to see the records of their own staff.  Administrators can see the records of all.  Supervisors and administrators are given access to most of the common management reports.

The Web Module can be branded with a logo and text so it looks like it belongs to the organization.  It can be configured to permit self-enrollment or it can generate enrollment requests that need approval and processing.  Supervisors can be notified when one of their staff self-enrolls.


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