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Evaluating TrainingRegister®?  Begin with the following Overview Tutorial.  Then select the Task Based Tutorials in the order they are presented.

Overview Tutorial of TrainingRegister® - Revised 4/11/2005

Abstract: The Overview Tutorial will help the user open TrainingRegister®, navigate, find records, prepare a few reports and obtain an overview of what can be done with TrainingRegister®. To reduce the size, only the more common reports are used in the demonstration. Performance of Administration tasks are currently covered in the User Guide and will be additionally covered in subsequent tutorials as they are developed and listed below.

For best results, use the Overview Tutorial with version 7.1.27 released 4/5/2005 or later.

Task Based Tutorials:
(Completion of above Overview Tutorial and/or experience with TrainingRegister® is assumed)

We are very interested in any feedback that might improve the new tutorials that are being added below.

Remember: The User Guide contains information for ALL topics.  Consult the User Guide if the tutorial has not been added yet.

Please call or write with questions.

*** Basic Tasks:

People Table - Add a new person to the People Table - Revised: 4/14/2005

Attach Photos - Revised: 02/06/2006

Attach Files - Such as an employee evaluation, training plan or succession plan to a person's record. Revised: 02/06/2006

Companies Table - Add a new company to the Companies Table - Revised: 4/14/2005

ClassCatalog Table - Add a new training to the ClassCatalog Table - Revised: 4/14/2005

Attach Files - Attach files such as training content material, documents, slide shows, etc. Revised: 02/06/2006

Prerequisites - Apply and understand training prerequisites - Revised: 4/18/2005

Record Historical Training for Individuals - Add one or more individuals to a class in the ClassCatalog Table - Revised: 4/14/2005

Record Historical Training for a Group - Add a Group of people to a class in the ClassCatalog Table - Revised: 4/14/2005

Training History Reports - Print Class Roster and Training History for Individual - Revised: 4/14/2005

Preparing Completion Certificates - Create merge file for use with word processor - Revised: 11/17/2005

*** Scheduling Tasks:

ClassSchedule Table - Schedule a class/training from ClassCatalog Table - Revised: 4/14/2005

Schedule an Instructor - Optionally schedule an Instructor with a scheduled class - Revised: 4/14/2005

Schedule a Room - Optionally schedule a Room with a scheduled class - Revised: 4/14/2005

Schedule a Resource - Optionally schedule one or more Resources with a schedule class - Revised: 4/14/2005

Enroll an Individual - Enroll one or more individuals in a Scheduled Class - Revised: 4/14/2005

Enroll a Group - Enroll a Group of people in a Scheduled Class - Revised: 4/14/2005

Waitlist Details - Print and learn how waitlist is processed - Revised: 4/14/2005

List of Scheduled Classes - Print two versions of this report. - Revised: 4/18/2005

Training Calendar - Print a calendar of scheduled classes - Revised: 4/18/2005

Enrollment Roster / Sign-in Sheet - Print report listing enrollees - Revised: 4/18/2005

Join Scheduled Classes - Join two or more scheduled classes with low enrollment - Revised: 4/19/2005

Drop Student - Drop students that did not attend - Revised: 4/19/2005

Grades and Scores - Optionally add grades and/or scores - Revised: 4/19/2005

Post Enrollment Records - Batch process to convert enrollment records to completed training records - Revised: 4/19/2005

*** Tracking Required or Mandated Training Tasks:

Required Training Overview - Summarize all steps and explain process - Revised: 4/25/2005

Programs Table - Create/Invent a new Training Program name - Revised: 4/26/2005

Build Training Program - Add one or more classes to the training program - Revised: 4/26/2005

Add Individuals to Training Program - Add one or more individuals to Training Program - Revised: 4/26/2005

Add Group to Training Program - Add a Group of people to Training Program

Required/Needed Training Related Reports - Covered in initial Overview Tutorial

*** Skill Tracking Tasks:

Skills Table - Create/Invent a new Skill name

SkillLevels Table - Create/Invent a new Skill Level

Add Individual to a Skill - Link or associate a person with a Skill

Skill Tracking Reports - Covered in initial Overview Tutorial

*** TrainingRegister Messaging Feature Tasks:

Create New Message & Overview of Process

Select a Test Recipient & Send Test Message

Select Group of Recipients & Send Message


Missing Tutorials:

All above tasks are currently explained in the User Guide found on the [Help] Menu.  Please call or write with questions.

We are in the process of developing new tutorials. When finished, we expect the new tutorials to be more useful than the User Guide.







User Guide - Revised April 26, 2004

Technical Documentation - Revised March 23, 2005


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